According to Some Article, My Blog Sucks

So I don’t really put any effort into looking for ways to improve my blog content, search engine optimization, market my blog, develop a theme, read other people’s blogs, learning about the online writing world, write on a regular schedule, or care about what people want to hear. I reflected on these things after reading this article, which probably is another blogger’s well-marketed blog. Of the 20 warning signs of a bad blog listed in that article, I fit at least half of them. This blog just serves as an outlet for my thoughts, and also a random hodgepodge of whatever the heck I want to write about. Nice blog advertising,

I thought for a moment about the important points that random list made about making my blog more popular. After all, I’m just like everybody else because I just want to accepted and loved, and more hits on the ‘ole blog would do that for me. But I really don’t really worry about these things much. If I said that I didn’t care, that would be a complete lie because I would love to have a decent following. If I had a huge following then I would become an element of pop culture, which means I would be a complete joke (click here for more about my thoughts on being popular).

The point of this blog is write about whatever the hell I want to. If I started attaching an actual theme or structure to this junk, then I actually start putting a real effort into this blog. I can’t do that. I like to expose what I can do with writing without actually put much effort into the craft.

Now that I’ve explained why I have no regard for that list of 20 reasons why my blog starts, and acting like I don’t care, I’m probably going to put more effort into getting more clicks than my facebook profile. Ah, the paradox of being human.

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